Our Vision, Values and Culture

At SSF, we have built a workplace where individuals can practice their craft in an environment that encourages creativity, respect, and constant learning. Our workplace culture is guided by a single, fundamental belief based on the “Golden Rule” of business.

“We treat people the way we would want to be treated.”

This passionate approach is translated through our work and our relationships with our clients. We follow through on commitments, both to our clients and to each other. We have integrity. Our relationships are built on honesty, mutual respect, and trust.

SSF Core Values

We believe in being present and valuable in every facet of our lives. That means our FAMILY, our COMMUNITY, and our FIRM.

We don’t run from a good challenge. In fact, we tackle them head on with poise, enthusiasm and PERSEVERANCE.

We are dedicated to improvement, GROWTH and unlocking new levels of excellence within ourselves every day.

We believe in doing the right thing. We serve the public and each other with respect, INTEGRITY and honesty.

We celebrate the triumph of one as the growth and achievement of us all. We believe that teamwork and COLLABORATION is the root of success.

We are unique individuals united by a common goal and an unbreakable WORK ETHIC. We know what’s important, and we stick to it.